Zac Efron reveals his ripped wrestler frame in tight T-shirt as he continues filming The Iron Claw


Zac effort continued to be a heartthrob as he filmed the iron claw where he plays the role of wrestler Kevin Von Erich.

Zac Efron reveals his ripped wrestler
Credit : Social Media

The movie star put his muscular arms on display in a tight t-shirt and shorts on the set of his film in Louisiana. He added a brunette bowl-cut wig to get into character.

But actress Lily James is also reported to be starring in the movie, though her exact role is not known.

Walking around on set, the actress wore a white crop top, black flared trousers, and a cream coat with her hair in soft waves.

The movie is centered around the von Erich family and how they changed the wrestling world. Kevin Von Erich is best known for his appearances with his father Fritz’s World Class Championship Wrestling promotion.

He is a world champion, having held the WCWA World Heavyweight Championship. according to tmz, Zac hasn’t reached out to him for tips on how best to play him but Zac has Kevin’s seal of approval.


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