Smile review (2022) | Smile Movie horror review


In today’s article, We will give a horror review of Smile (2022) Movie.

Smile review

After witnessing a bizarre traumatic incident involving a patient Rose starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she cannot explain Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and Escape her horrifying new reality first of all this movie’s storyline follows many of your typical bits of a supernatural horror mystery from the opening scene you know exactly what kind of horror film you’re getting into it’s the same storytelling device used throughout the genre using one’s traumatic past to hunt them through an entity so unbeatable that the protagonist must come to terms with themselves and the actual demons that are haunting them this movie feels really derivative as it doesn’t really have any of its own terms it borrows heavily from many other horror movies and combine them into one you can feel.

The Inspirations coming from films like it follows the ring the Grudge Oculus and more it’s a bit of mimicry a pain by number setup that is content to feel consistently familiar this movie is based on a 2020 short film and in padding out the concept from a brief into a nearly two-hour movie it leans too heavily not only on formulate mystery plotting.

But also on horror themes and imagery lifted from other popular horror movies as the events of the film unfold you can feel the adaptation from short to long-form storytelling being stretched to its limits this stems from the central conceit of this movie being dubious rehearse of brilliant ideas from the past meshing together with facing issues throughout the middle sections of the film the Basic idea that there’s an evil entity That Just crappily Smiles at you is actually promising it’s ripe with possibility, unfortunately, this movie never lives up to it wants to be many of these Inspirations that it’s taken from other movies but in an attempt to check those boxes.

It fails to make it fresh and new there are decent jump scares painful of quite intense smile scenes some bees and Gore but that’s few and far between when compared to the main story of Rose trying to softly over acting mystery and being gas-lit this main story that lays the groundwork is relatively weak and uninteresting without any substance it feels like huge chunks of the story particularly a backstory about Rose and her mother are closed over or barely touched on the script obviously wants to explore trauma.

And its long-lasting impacts which is not a problem but Rose’s core trauma an inability to get anyone to believe her remove any of the decent stuff that the movie Sometimes brings, the film almost becomes punishing in its insistence that Rose is an unescapable no-win situation so the genuine scare doesn’t come from the evil presence, but it comes more from the humans who don’t believe in it in terms
of the creature, the script leaves a lot to be desired. There’s simply no setup as things for this creature are made up and unfold as the film progresses.

The movie offers no new insight into the psychological horror genre either. It does not attempt to understand anything about mental illness. It’s merely on hand to serve as a plot device. Overall we don’t think it’s worth watching this in the theater. Just wait on your streaming service.


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