Selena Gomez speaks out about viral photo with Hailey Bieber


Viral photos of Selena hugging Hailey Beiber last month prompted many fans to want to know more. However, Selena wasn’t really spoken out about it until now.

Selena Gomez speaks out about viral photo with Hailey Bieber
Credit : Social Media

In a recent interview with Vulture, Selena responded, Yeah, it’s not a big deal. “It’s not even a thing,”

Selena and have been pitted against each other ever since Selena and Justin dated on and off between 2010- 2018 but after calling things off Justin moved on to Hailey quickly prompting many to believe she stole him from Selena.

When the picture of Hailey and Selena hugging was shared on Tyrell Hampton’s Instagram page, many responded by accusing Tyrell of photoshop

Others responded by using it as evidence that it was time to put the Selena vs Hailey comparison behind them and move on.

A few weeks before the picture was taken, Hailey had also addressed the issue on the call her daddy podcast including how she deals with the hate.

As for her relationship with Selena, Hailey claimed that the two respected each other. Fans may still somewhat dislike Hailey for the Berber situation but with time many may start to forget and move on.


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