Mickey Mouse is becoming STOP-MOTION


Stop motion is one of the most respectable mediums of Animation out there. Every shot is carefully crafted and painstakingly handled to give characters the illusion of movement.

Mickey Mouse is becoming STOP-MOTION
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Still, in this real 3D space, instead of traditional drawings now, Mickey Mouse is getting the stop-motion treatments in a brand new holiday special for Disney Channel premiering on November 27th and heading to Disney plus soon after it’s titled Mickey Saves Christmas in the stop-motion holiday special Mickey Minnie and their Pals attempts to celebrate the perfect Christmas at their snowy cabin however when Pluto causes Santa to lose all the presents on his sleigh the friends travel to the North Pole in a quest to save Christmas and find the true meaning of the holiday.

Brockwell Disney Channel’s hamster incredible and Cameron Grime’s The Young and the Restless voice Pantone’s missiles cause, respectively, Mickey doesn’t have a strong track record in stop motion but believe it or not. This won’t be the first time. A few years ago, there were these impressive Christmas shorts where everyone hung out in a cabin, trying to make the most of their situation.

That’s a mighty big storm out there. I got wood for the fire. These gave the characters a coat of fresh paint, making them feel unique for the first time in a pretty long time. They were produced by a stupid buddy in Animation Studio with a significant role in Robot Chicken. Huh never thought I’d see these two names together. That’s wild. Based on these shorts, we can assume Mickey Saves Christmas will follow a similar path, only longer and with higher stakes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the stupid buddy is back to animate now Disney has conquered 2D and his alright NCG, but they’ve never really dipped their toes much in stop motion. Could this maybe be the start of something bigger I don’t know but either way, Mickey Saves Christmas is a perfect way to reinvent the oversaturated worlds of Mickey Mouse. What do you think about all this, though? Will you check out the new special, or is it not that interesting? Let’s talk in the comments.


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