Lizzo Responds to Kanye West’s Body Comments During Toronto Show


On Fox News with Tucker Carlson, Kanye West used Lizzo to point out that people boo the notion of bettering themselves through weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Lizzo Responds to Kanye West's Body Comments During Toronto Show
Credit : Social Media

Something he called demonically and the genocide of the Black race. While Lizzo ignored those demonic trolls, it’s hard to ignore when Kanye West name-drops you.

Lizzo acknowledged that Kanye West mentioned her on primetime television to decry obesity.

Lizzo says everyone in America has something to say about her, this while she minds her business. She prefaced that with “fat, Black, beautiful” to hit her point home.

She then asks if she can stick around, to which the audience cheers. Lizzo openly wondered if she could marry someone for dual citizenship and got a good laugh.

While Lizzo may agree with Kanye over weight loss phobia deep down, she might not be fully on board with him on the idea of WLM. Hence, a subtle and diplomatic response is understandable.


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