Kim Kardashian’s bulky Prada boiler suit Slammed by Kendall and Kanye West in Milan


Supermodel Kendall Jenner has the perfect model figure and she knows it. Though she is not one to bring down her own sisters for being bigger and shorter than her, it seems she was quick to remind Kim why she wasn’t quite model material in last week’s episode of the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian's bulky Prada boiler
Credit: Social Media

In the episode, Kim and Kendall were headed to Milan for Kendall’s first Prada fashion show where sister Kim had teamed up with the luxury brand to put together several looks.

However, one outfit was bashed by Kendall and Kanye seemed to agree. Recognizing that Kim doesn’t quite have the model figure, she admitted in a confession that she had to rely on menswear; ‘I’m not your typical tall, skinny model that will look good in everything, so we’ve been pulling archived pieces and getting a lot of the men’s pieces,’ Kim says One outfit, a caramel-colored leather suit gets bashed by her sister for looking like Kim is wearing a diaper.

Her ex Kanye even went as far as saying he was so mad at the look adding that he would have gone to jail before going out in that look. Kim hit back at Kanye and his footwear texting back to tell him that he had been wearing his boots for a Long time and its time for him to wear something different.

If there is one thing that can be said for Kim, it’s that she isn’t afraid to put herself out there, she may not have the model figure as her sister Kendall at 5ft 2 compared to Kendall who is 5 ft 10, but Kim knows how to work with what she does have and seems to have been pretty successful at it so far.


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