Khloe Kardashian secretly accepted Tristan Thompson proposal just one month before Paternity Drama


The Kardashians have been pushing the narrative that Tristan Thompson had proposed to Khloe Kardashian but she rejected the proposal. However a source speaking to Buzzfeed is claiming that the two were secretly engaged.

Khloe Kardashian secretly accepted Tristan Thompson proposal
Credit : Social Media

The insider claims that Khloe accepted Tristan’s proposal in February 2021 before cheating on her with fitness model Maralee Thompson with whom he fathered a child.

Acceding to sources, Tristan was well aware that Nichols was pregnant when news broke out in December 2021 but he continued to encourage Khloe to continue with her surrogacy journey. The two had an embryo transfer in late November just days before the paternity scandal with Maralee Thompson was made public.

The claims somewhat contradict what Kim implied in The Kardashians on Thursday where it was implied that Khloe had rejected Thompson, although that may be half true.

Khloe actually turned down Tristan in December 2019 but they revisited it in February 2021 at which point she accepted.

Their son was born in July 2022. Of course it’s no surprise the Kardashians are choosing to push the narrative which makes it seem like Khloe hadn’t been deceived but unfortunately for her serial cheater Tristan’s old habits didn’t die. However it seems Khloe did wake up and has decided to finally move on.


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