Kanye West On Tucker Carlson’s Said ‘Fashion Industry Manipulates Kim To Cross Lines With Nudity’


Kanye west may have calmed down after Kim’s split from Pete Davidson but it seems he himself is not over her yet.

Kanye West On Tucker Carlson's Said 'Fashion Industry Manipulates Kim To Cross Lines With Nudity'
Credit : Social Media

They are separated but it looks like Kanye is still looking for the perfect woman in Kim, maybe for the sake of their kids. Where things might be going wrong is that there is no closed door or private conversation, everything is out there.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson Kanye talked about Kim yet again, saying she’s being pimped out by the fashion industry to sell sex even though she’s a successful businesswoman with a billion-dollar empire.

The way Kanye sees it, his ex-wife is essentially being manipulated by the fashion industry to cross lines regarding nudity.

He hints at some malicious intent, pointing out Kim has four Black children with him. he also went after the media for daring to criticize him for buying the house next to Kim.

He says he just wants to be closer to his kids and bristles at accusations of stalking Kim and Pete Davidson when they were dating.

Kanye also turned his ire on Corey Gamble and Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson saying they are a problem for Kim and accusing them, and others, of telling KK what to fear. He says he respects people like Russell Brand and Candace Owens for being unafraid to speak their minds and go against mainstream narratives.


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