Johnny Depp and married British lawyer Joelle Rich’s fling fizzles barely months after it had begun


Johnny Depp was rumoured to have been dating London-based lawyer Joelle rich who represented him in his libel case against the sun but that romance has supposedly fizzled out.

Johnny Depp and married British lawyer Joelle Rich
Credit: Social Media

Although Joelle supported him in his recent case against amber heard in Virginia as his partner with the two travelling to court together, Depp was not with Joelle when she attended a family wedding sparking rumours that they had ended.

According to a friend of Depp’s; Are they still an item? We are not talking about a normal couple here. It’s not a big, stable, committed love affair and I’m not sure that it ever was.

The source when on to add that they don’t believe the two are in any way together at this point and the relationship had never been exclusive.

Not only has he come out of a traumatic case but he is Johnny Depp and a standard committed relationship is unlikely to be his thing.

Joelle is currently finalising her divorce from her husband with whom she shares two children. Meanwhile, Depp has been busy focussing on filming and their music career.

Sounds like the brief romance seems to have run its course with both having moved on, if what the source claims are true.


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