Jennifer Lopez and one of her Twins’ birthdays, even before Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez and one of her twin’s birthdays even before Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and one of her Twins' birthdays
Credit : Social Media

Now Jennifer Lopez’s daughter M Muniz looks like she might get carried away with rock after getting a one-on-one guitar lesson with guitar God Lenny Kravitz em was thrilled after celebrating her birthday.

With her twin brother Max who had breakfast with her in bed earlier in the day, Emma put on a rough look perfect for the future Idol of guitarists a simple black T-shirt a plaid skirt, and black stockings her shoulder-length Raven hair was parted in the Middle with voluminous curls Lenny looked as cool as ever in a black polka dot shirt with a few buttons undone to show off his chest and a pendant around his neck.


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