Garner embraces the Halloween spirit as she visits a pumpkin patch with her kids Samuel and Seraphina


Jennifer Garner’s daughter Seraphina was spotted spending time with Jennifer Garner and younger brother Samuel on Wednesday afternoon as the three of them went to a pumpkin patch in Moorpark.

Garner embraces the Halloween spirit
Credit: Social Media

Excited about the upcoming Halloween celebrations all three of them could be seen selecting their favorite shaped pumpkins which can be decorated later.

Mom, Jennifer Garner carried the biggest pumpkin along with a slightly smaller one, while Seraphina went for a very small pumpkin and a medium-sized one.

Samuel was seen carrying a medium orange-looking one with a not so smooth looking skin, perhaps in the hope that it would make it appear scarier.

Garner dressed comfortably in a beige sleeveless jumpsuit while 13-year-old daughter Seraphina wore casual green pants with a polo shirt and 10-year-old son Samuel wore grey shorts and a t-shirt.

At one point during their outing, Garner was seen sitting on Hay with daughter Seraphina as they asked in the sun while chatting away.

The outing comes just weeks after Seraphina was spotted with Emme and Ben Affleck at a costume store picking out Halloween costumes. Clearly, Halloween is the next big thing the kids are looking forward to and there appears to be a lot of effort going into it.


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