Florence Pugh to be directed by former co-star Alexander Skarsgard in new upcoming movie 2022


Don’t Worry Darling may have received a lot of criticism and came with a lot of backstage drama but Florence Pugh proved that she was definitely a star and is already getting new roles.

Credit : Social Media

The actress is reported to play her next lead role in the psychological thriller The Pack along with Alexander Skarsgard.

The announcement comes after it was revealed Florence came to blows with Olivia Wilde on the set of Don’t worry darling, partly driven by rumors that she shared an off-screen kiss with Harry before he became involved with Olivia Wilde.

Skarsgard will serve double duty as the director and will be helming the shoot from an original screenplay by Rose Gilroy. Clearly, Florence Pugh would much rather have Skarsgard as a director than Olivia Wilde.

According to the deadline, the Pack is about a group of documentarians who brave the remote wilderness of Alaska in an effort to save a nearly extinct species of wolves,’

Filming will begin in March 2023 and will reunite Pugh and Skarsgård, who starred together in the British television miniseries The Little Drummer Girl (2018. The fact that many are keen to work with Florence Pugh again clearly goes to show they hold Olivia Wilde accountable for the difficulties on the set of her film rather than Florence Pugh being the difficult one.


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