Evan Peters Went Method for Dahmer Role | Techniques to Shake Darkness


Evan Peters who plays Jeffrey Dahmer is speaking out about the length he had to go to play the role convincingly according to Evan he had to transform himself completely and use method acting where in order to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performance, of the actor fully inhabits the role of the character.

Evan Peters Went Method for Dahmer Role
Credit : Social Media

Given how dark Jeffrey’s character is, this can only be disturbing.

Speaking about his role on Saturday, Evan claims that he actually wore Jeffrey’s clothes and accessories including his glasses, shoes and jeans.

Though it is not known how the production company got hold of his items, Evan claims they were put to good use. He even went as far as wearing weights on his arms so that he could maintain the straight posture Jeffrey Dahmer was known for.

For those worrying about the psychological impact this may have had on Evan Peters, Evan claims he left acting at work and went home to watch comedies, light-hearted content, and some feel-good music. He names Step Brothers as a film he watched to help him get out of character.

The film has received some criticism, particularly as some feel it glorified Dahmer however those that have seen the full movie claim its more nuanced and showed what happened from several different angles.

Peter’s performance in the project, however, is unquestionable, getting in the head of Dahmer almost seemed to be worth it and he may even get an Emmy for it.


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