Elon Musk About to Announce Layoffs at Twitter Ahead of Stock Grants


After two pranksters manage to convince the media that they were being laid off following takeover of twitter by Elon Musk, there are actual layoffs expected soon according to TMZ.

Credit : Social Media

The New York Times is reporting that this could be as early as Saturday as Elon slims down departments who its not clear which departments and which individuals are affected.

However he has asked managers to make a list of those individuals they could do without and want them gone on Tuesday. However those that are being let go will receive stock grants as part of their compensation packages though there is no nears on what that would look like.

Months earlier it was reported that he was looking to reduce the workforce by as much as 75% which considering Twitter has 7,500 full time employees is likely to impact a lot of people.

Despite him just about to ruin so many lives, Elon is carrying on like nothing serious is happening tweeting about how free speech was back now that people could say carbs are actually good. He also added that comedy was allowed on twitter once again and even addressed the pranksters which media fell for.

Perhaps Elon should be more considerate of the impact he is having on individuals now that real firings are about to happen unless generous compensation packets will help them through it. In times of tough economic climate finding another job may be tough for many.


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