Ben Affleck fashionable in fall colors as he smokes a cigarette running errands in LA


Ben Affleck was spotted on Wednesday running errands and looked good as he did.

Ben Affleck fashionable in fall colors
Credit : Social Media

Opting for Autumn colours, the 50 year old wore a sweater with brown blazer, grey pants and brown shoes. Of course he wouldn’t give off the Hollywood star vibe if he didn’t have the sunglasses.

The actor was seen lighting up a cigarette as he left an office building and then was later seen refueling his car without his jumper this time. He carried a paper bag though it’s content wasn’t visible.

The outing comes just days after the actor made a surprise visit with Emme to see J Lo while she worked on her new sci-fi film Atlas on Monday.

He had previously been busy with filming and directing his Nike film though isn’t seen on set as frequently these days possible indicating filming may have concluded or nearing conclusion.

He appears to have more time to put in for fatherly duties like taking the kids Halloween shopping or to see J Lo working.


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