Anna Delvey’s Viral Photos taken For first Time Since House Arrest


Anna Delvey was spotted leaving her New York City Apartment for the first time ever let’s break this down.

Anna Delvey's Viral Photos Taken For First Time Since House Arrest
Credit: Social Media

So if you remember correctly Anna Delvey or should we say Anna Sorkin was known for her Infamous Heist and swindling money from the rich of New York City in her dramatized series inventing Anna on Netflix the star was portrayed as a money-grabbing high-class art thief.

We really don’t have time for this what else are you lying about are you I do not have time for this I do not have time for you the series really did highlight this phenomenon of how one girl could get away with so much I mean a lot of people wondered.

If this was really fair because we see a lot of black offenders receiving harsher sentences and some people wondered how Anna would be treated without the fame and money and now Anna Sorkin was spotted leaving her New York City Apartment to hold on.

Let me just let me back this up for you now here’s the thing Annabel by went to court for her wrongdoings on May 9 2019 Delby was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison and fined 24 000 in order to pay restitution for her victims Delby was convicted of eight charges against her which included second-degree grand larceny theft of services and first degree attempted grand larceny large business words and a day after her sentencing.

She also said she was not sorry for any of her victims like what now Delphi was released from prison on good behavior on February 11 2021 after serving nearly four years which personally I forgot about but in March 2021 six weeks after her release she was taken back into custody by ice for overstaying her visa and she remained in ice custody in Upstate New York for a year and back in June of 2022 she remained in ice custody in Orange County Jail in New York City.

But somehow in the last few days, she was released for posting a ten thousand dollar bail in addition to that Anna agreed that she would stay in 24-hour confinement and not use social media whatsoever she has people working on her own projects like an NFT art collection and is doing it all from home and now we get to these photos of Anna sporting a stylish new ankle bracelet as she walks out of her East Village Apartment in an interview with the New York Times the acclaimed artist says that she paid three months of rent upfront to get her six-month lease apartment and that she will enjoy this much more than prison she’s able to see people at all sorts of hours the food.

She claims is much better and she’s able to work on so much more from the comfort of her home the New York Times asked her recently where she’s getting all this support and she thanked her legal reps her team and others who want to help her team has kept her very active online even though basically, Anna doesn’t have access to social media when asked in the New York Times interview where the money’s coming from she responded.

I guess you’ll have to ask the government though her immigration ordeal is far from over Anna is also working on another project that is supposed to pick up where inventing Anna left off other than that she’s also working on new NFT art which is very interesting again I don’t make these up I just I’m just the messenger she also told the times about her plans for the future which includes several projects like a podcast, she said quote I’d love to do something with Criminal Justice Reform to kind of highlight the struggles of other girls girl I don’t know what your path is forward or what you’re doing but I wish you peace and happiness from your East Village Apartment to wherever in the world.


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