8 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor in 2022


In Todays article we are talking about 8 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor in 2022.

8 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor

At a young age we were taught to study well so we can get a professional job. once we graduate unfortunately the world that we live in is a systematically capitalist world. The education system was supposed to help us build a better future but it’s actually a mold that makes us a desirable employee for the rich, that’s why you may notice that most companies look for highly educated applicants.

Why because these people are known to be obedient responsible and are capable of working. well although all these traits are nice to
have these companies will only use your capabilities for their own benefits. yes you get to pay your bills, you get to buy your partner a special gift but does it bring you financial freedom many of you.

If not all would say no not to mention the tax that we pay every time. we get paid as well as those from our house bills including phone gasoline food, internet cable and more so.

What are actually the reasons why many educated people are poor is it because of their mindset was it the education they got from school.

We’re going to talk about the top 8 reasons, why many educated people are poor So let’s start.

Reason 1

Financial education is not taught in school. it is said that everything we need in life is taught in school but school lacks one of the most
important aspects of our lives financial education true, If we want to
be a doctor, we can learn about science and the human body in college or if we want to be an engineer school taught us mathematics.

The structure of buildings and other more things but whichever profession we choose to focus on each one of us needs to learn about financial education that is why most professionals aren’t fully educated. about managing money because school was not designed to teach about finances in the first place, even if you get two to three degrees, if you don’t know how to manage your finances

Then how are you going to get rich so what can you do. there are many ways to get financial education read good books there are tons of financial education books available online. you can also listen to audiobooks that will help you learn about managing money.

Reason 2

Educated people Stopped learning after college what does education mean for most people education is the certificate and diploma we get after finishing college. However education isn’t just confined in the four corners of a classroom. education is the new learning, we get every day of our lives.

just like how we can’t live without food and water we must also take education as an essential part of our everyday lives. however most people thought that they already know everything after finishing college so they stopped trying to learn more.

They never take the time and effort to learn new things to read new books that are necessary for them to be wealthy and that’s why instead of getting rich these people end up being broke.

8 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor

Reason 3

Most highly paid people spend their money on debts and liabilities employees who earn enough money to pay their debts and liabilities are already satisfied with where they stand. However those smartphones expensive clothes or the latest car won’t give you a comfortable life nor financial freedom.

So before you spend your money on unnecessary items make sure that you already invest for your future after all no one knows what tomorrow holds for everyone.

Reason 4

The more time you spend in school the more it is likely for you to live alone in order for you to be successful. you must build good relationships with people and that means collaborating with them sharing each other’s ideas getting to know each of your unique skills and gathering your strengths together in order to achieve your goals but most of the time the school and education system taught us the opposite at school.

We are trained to do our homework and projects alone to answer our tests alone and everything else which is far different from the real world in business. you need to learn how to sell how to negotiate, what questions to ask before you buy and so on you won’t be able to close a deal, if you don’t know how to communicate which is why most educated people fail to be rich.

Reason 5

People who think that they are well educated turn out to be arrogant I’m not saying that all of them but some people who hold a degree thought that those who were not able to finish college are not smart enough. however most successful people that we know today such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many more are living examples that education is not the only factor you need in order to be rich and successful in life.

So if you are one of those people who thinks that those who fail to finish college are dumb think again stay your feet on the ground and learn to listen to others regardless of their educational background who knows maybe this person who dropped out of college has much more life experiences than you maybe this person who got kicked out of school is now equipped with social skills, that you need to properly communicate with investors.

Don’t close your mind to the idea that 4 only those who hold a college diploma are the intelligent ones we have these street smart people who are now one of the richest people in the world.

8 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor

Reason 6

The more time you spend in school the higher the chance that you’ll end up loving your job there’s nothing bad about loving what you do and there’s nothing wrong with being an employee but if you really want to be rich you must not follow the crowd although having a job is nice to have it does not give us the chance to be exceptionally rich and loving your job means that you accept the fact that you’re going to work for the company for the rest of your life.

However nobody gets wealthy through that method you can’t be rich working Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. most likely all you’re going to earn is debt and liabilities successful people are those who can work with many people at the same time. but with a job you’re most likely to sit in your cubicle all day doing the task that you’re assigned to do if it isn’t awful enough. you’ll need to meet the tight deadline of your task so if you want to be free from being an employee don’t just blindly invest in something make sure that while you work you also make time to learn and master the art of investing so that even if you’re still an employee gradually you’re doing something to gain financial freedom. remember a slow progress is still a progress.

Reason 7

Taxes are made for the middle class but who is in the middle class people under this category are most likely the people who finished college and are currently working under a certain company so what does it have to do with taxes if you haven’t known yet tax law whichever way you go in the world was designed for employees. Therefore the more money the employees make the more the government will seize it.

Reason 8

It’s easy for educated people to lose their job with the competition. we are having in today’s era it is very easy to be replaced by younger people who have better and more updated knowledge than we have. you can have the job today and the next thing you know you’re already packing your things from your desk while it is easy for the company to lose an employee those employees who lost their jobs.

Only hold up to them so having no job means that they’re going to be poor in no time and who are these employees again yes it’s mostly the educated people and that wraps up our article for today, do you agree with the topic that we talked about today feel free to comment down your thoughts nevertheless, I hope that we were able to help you through this article if you enjoyed today’s content make sure to like share, thank you for reading.


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