10 Signs A Man Is Using You | He’s Not Interested In You


10 signs a man is using you and he’s not interested in you. Hello, welcome to our blog.

When a man was once attracted to you and ends up ghosting you, like you don’t exist, it’s always natural to feel bad about this. As a woman, if you notice any of these signs we are going to talk about in this article just know your man is using you and he’s not interested in you.

10 Signs A Man Is Using You

Lack of communication

This is one of the problems of relationships nowadays if he is the type of man that calls you, and texts you all the time but he stopped confront him ask him why, and make things work out between you both and if he says it’s over, it’s time to let go.

Letting Go may be very hard at first, because you’re already in love with him, for your relationship to last longer both partner needs to communicate on how to grow a healthy relationship.

If he hardly communicates with you, and you’re the only one doing the talking most time, maybe he’s not interested in you.

He bribes you to forgive him

Just take for instance, if there is a little misunderstanding that makes your man upset and he walks out of the argument.

After a few hours, he comes back with a gift, to ask for your forgiveness, and promises to never do such again, knowing full well he’s the cause of the issue.

Such a guy already knows your weak point and he’s using that against you because he knows if he buys a gift for you, you will surely forgive him and won’t talk about the issue.

Do not be deceived by his gift, you need to sit him down and talk about the misunderstanding in your relationship and how it can be fixed. If you notice your man always do this, he’s definitely not interested in you.

He constantly cheats on you

Cheating constantly on your partner can destroy a relationship. It’s so heartbreaking to see the man you love so much cheat on you with another woman.

When you notice the man you’re dating is cheating on you and you have confronted him several times, and he keeps saying he will change but never change he’s just wasting your time, he’s not interested in you. A loving and caring man will not cheat on his woman.

He doesn’t ask about your life

If a man is truly interested in you, he goes to the extent of not only knowing you but your family and friends.

If a man does not ask you about your life, what you like and dislike, just to know you better, and when you try to tell him about yourself. if he doesn’t pay attention to you, this shows he’s not interested in knowing you and he’s just using you for the main time.

10 Signs A Man Is Using You

He asks for too many favors

In every relationship, it’s not bad for a man to ask his woman for help, and it’s not bad for a woman to ask her man for help.

If you notice you have more money than your man in the relationship, and he’s always asking you for money to buy one thing or the other and you keep on giving him every time he asks it’s good to support your man financially but once you notice it’s becoming a habit for him to always ask you for money then he’s clearly using you and he’s still in the relationship because of your money.

Most men in this category are called ‘players’ they make sure they drain their women ‘emotionally’, mentally and also financially”.

He gives excuses and avoids spending time with you

Being single does not mean you won’t be happy. If your man seems unhappy whenever he is with you that is a Red Flag. Obviously, he is happy with another lady and he isn’t proud of you.

A man who truly loves you will create time to spend with you, even though he’s very busy he will find a way because he cares and miss you. When you notice he’s not spending time with you, he’s not interested in you.

He doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends

If a man tells you he told his family about you, tag it as a big “Lie” If he truly wants you to meet his family, he won’t be slagging about the issue if he loves you, he will let you meet his family.

Most ladies are victims of this because most men have lied to them, and they keep spending years waiting for the man to introduce them to his family and he keeps saying soon you will meet them.

That man isn’t just using you but he is wasting your time. There are better men out there.

He only wants to have intercourse with you

How on Earth will a man and woman be in a relationship without being romantic? No deep talks? let’s just stay in the bed? he does not want to go to Cinemas, on dates.

If that is what your partner asks you off it’s a big “No” because he is not attracted to you mentally, physically and spiritually.

This man in this category have “side chics” they keep you as an alternative. if you are in this type of relationship tour pattern is not interested in you.

He doesn’t have plans nor speak about the future

When a man and woman fall in love, if the man truly wants you to be his woman, he will definitely sit you down and talk about his plans and what he wants to build with you in the future.

A serious man who really wants to spend his life with his woman, will make sure they both sit and plan for the future. if your partner does not talk about this, he doesn’t want to get married to you because he thinks you’re not the right person for him.

He ignores your calls or messages

This is one of the biggest problem in all relationships. Questions like is he still interested in me? He is online but he does not reply me when I text him? I call him he always claim he is busy but he leaves me on read in his WhatsApp messages? You text me I love you he refuses to reply?

If he truly loves, you why would he ignore your messages? why would he claim he is always busy when he knows he has a woman he is dating?

No matter how a man is busy he should have time for the woman he claims to love. Stop thinking about this because he doesn’t have time for you but he has time to chat, call, smile with other woman.

It hurts but give a space in your heart because better men are out there and will look at you and say “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met” and your ex will be pained because he loses a golden Jewel.

What do you think about today’s article do you have any suggestions or questions leave it in the comments section, Thanking You.


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